5 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Work Commute - Hey guys, I hope your March is off to a great start! I still can't believe it's March - like What The? With time never being on our side I'm always looking for the best way to maximize every minute. If any of you are like me you spend a decent amount of time traveling..
My Review of the 2017 Essence Festival - Random - but can I just say I'm so happy to be in the skin I'm in! I haven't always felt like that though, but it is nice to love the person I am today.  The Essence Festival was filled with so many beautiful black people and all I could think was man I love our culture and our people!
5 Things To Look For in a Travel Buddy - Hey Guys! I recently went to New Orleans for the Essence Festival, and was thinking how grateful I am to have friends that I can travel with! My friend and I had a blast and I think it has a lot do with us being compatible travel buddies...
bike riding in a new city A Weekend in My New City! - Being in a new city/state is so exciting! I've met so many great people since my time in North Carolina, and I can truly say that I've grown tremendously as a person. One thing about moving to a new state is...
Read about my wine festival experience Wine Festivals – Why I Recommend? - So, I went to the Cherry Blossom Beer & Wine Festival in Washington, DC and I had so much fun!! This was my first wine festival and I had a really great experience...
What to do In Austin Texas What to do in Austin, Texas Babyyyy? - My first trip to Texas...I didn’t really know what to expect..but I must say I had tons of fun. To date I’ve been to Houston and Austin…next on my list will be Dallas and San Antonio!

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