A Weekend in My New City!

bike riding in a new city

Being in a new city/state is so exciting! I’ve met so many great people since my time in North Carolina, and I can truly say that I’ve grown tremendously as a person. One thing about moving to a new state is…

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Wine Festivals – Why I Recommend?

Read about my wine festival experience

So, I went to the Cherry Blossom Beer & Wine Festival in Washington, DC and I had so much fun!! This was my first wine festival and I had a really great experience…

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Have a Happy Monday…

Happy Monday guys!! I hope your day is off to a great start…let me just say how much I love Mondays! jk..how many times have you ever heard that one? I think Monday’s have a bad rep though…what if this day is not as bad as we make it seem?

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Something to Remember on the Bad Days….

appreciate the moment

You know those days where everything that can literally go wrong. Goes Wrong. You wake up late for work, sit in traffic, forgot to pack your lunch……and then have to give a presentation at work. UGH yea those days…

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First Lesson of 2017

things will not always go as planned

Things. Will. Not. Always. Go. As. Planned. My first lesson and reminder for 2017. My first lesson and reminder for 2017. We had planned to go to Atlanta for a weekend filled with laughter..

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