5 Ways to Exude Confidence in 2018

confidence women

Hey ladies, and yes I say ladies because this post is specifically for women looking to radiate confidence in all areas of their lives. Confidence is a word that we always hear. In grade school we learned about self-esteem and self-confidence…

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The Reason I’m Loving My Journey – Confidently Lost


Hey guys! Over the weekend I was thinking about how I wanted to write a new post, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to discuss. Even though I have a never ending list of blog titles and topics; I wanted to share feelings that I have right at this moment in time.

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How I Accomplished My Biggest Goal for the Month of August?

Hey guys! So, I just want to scream and shout because I accomplished my biggest goal for the month of August!! Yay! I am ecstatic. At the beginning of the year I set goals for myself, and this summer I was even more specific and listed dates that I wanted to accomplish each goal by…

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Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Person

Did any of you watch the Bachelorette season finale?! Yes, I am a fan and a hopeless romantic LOL. I’ve watched the show these last couple of years and after each season I say I’m not going to watch it anymore haha. It really does take me on an emotional roller coaster while watching, but nonetheless I still love it!

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