My Thoughts on: My 1 Year Blog Anniversary & Planning a Vision Board Party

On Jan 31, 2017,  I launched my blog. I gave myself a deadline of Jan 2017 to do this, and of course it happened on the last day in January lol…but hey I still met my deadline *insert shrugs emoji*. This day was monumental for me because I basically made my “online diary” live for the world to see. My thoughts, opinions, and stories were going to be exposed. YIKES. It felt empowering and scary at the same time. A year later and I’m still here, still excited to share new blogs, and still excited when I gain new readers. For me 2017 was about being fearless, and I’m taking that with me in 2018. In a year I’ve changed my site name from to, met tons of bloggers, had a couple of photo shoots with photographers, doubted myself, loved on myself, had naysayers, had great support from readers, and all that to say I wouldn’t change the journey for anything.Going along with the theme of being fearLESS, I had this idea to host a Vision Board Party around the same time of my 1 Year Blog Anniversary, as a way to celebrate. For those who haven’t heard of a Vision Board Party, it’s basically an arts and crafts event where people use magazines and poster boards to create a visual representation of goals and desires for the year. I was a little nervous to throw this party because I wanted everyone to have fun, get along, and leave my event feeling inspired and empowered. Once I set a date and started sending out invites the rest was history. There was no turning back lol. The event was a hit. I had food, Rosé, gifts; the girls and I had a blast. The party ended at 5pm, and we actually all left the venue to go back to my place for another hour of girl chat. I’m thrilled with the outcome, and I can’t wait to host more events in the future.


What I loved most is how vulnerable everyone was. We shared our stories. We motivated each other. We listened. We showed compassion. We uplifted. & I couldn’t ask for anything more. One day later this year I hope to get all the girls together to see how we’re doing with our goals, and affirmations.

Here’s a recap of went well for anyone thinking of planning  or attending a Vision Board Party:

  1. Rosé All Day – Have a drink that isn’t too heavy, but will give everyone a nice buzz lol. I passed out drinks before we started, so that we could all relax and feel comfortable sharing.
  2. Invite People Who You Know Will Bring Positivity and Good Vibes Only – If you’re on the fence about inviting someone to your event you probably should go with your gut instinct. I enjoyed my time with the ladies who attended because it was such a warm fuzzy feeling, everyone engaged in conversation and that’s what was impactful.
  3. Be Open Minded & Willing to Share– I knew that if I wanted the girls to be open to sharing I would have to be also. I started off with my introduction and shared why I launched my blog, what prompted me to move to a new city, and so on. After we did our intro’s we shared some things that went well in 2017, or not so well. We shared current challenges we may be facing, and personal issues. It was amazing! I’m so glad everyone was open to sharing.

I had so much fun, and I’m happy I was able to spend my 1 Year Blog Anniversary with these ladies. Cheers to 2018, and many more blog anniversaries!!




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Ashlei Scott is the Creative Director of A Piece of Sunshinee. She hopes to inspire others by writing about her life experiences and everyday challenges...

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