5 Things To Look For in a Travel Buddy

Hey Guys! I recently went to New Orleans for the Essence Festival, and was thinking how grateful I am to have friends that I can travel with! My friend and I had a blast and I think it has a lot do with us being compatible travel buddies. Have you ever went somewhere with a friend/family and after a while you’re ready to head back home? LOL. Let’s be honest you can’t do everything with everybody. Some people you can only have in small doses.

That’s why they say you should travel with your significant other to see how compatible you REALLY are. The thing about traveling is that you have to be able to compromise throughout the whole time you’re together.  Each person may want to do different things, and you have to be considerate of that. With all that said here are 5 Things To Look For in a Travel Buddy:

  1.  Someone who makes you laugh & you can have fun with (major key)
    I’ve traveled with family & friends and have ended up regretting it because there was drama on the trip. That’s the last thing you want when on vacation! Travel with someone that you can always count on to make you laugh & happy.
  2. Someone who’s responsible
    Let’s face it you want to travel with someone that you won’t have to babysit and look after every 5 seconds. You want to travel with someone that likes to have fun, but can take after themselves at the same time. That includes having enough money to eat, not taking crazy drugs etc… I think you get my point! lol
  3. Someone who’s reliable
    When I say I want to do something it’s rare that I will back out or change my mind at the last minute. It’s important to travel with someone you can depend on especially when it comes to booking hotels & flights!
  4. Someone who can go with the flow & roll with the punches!
    Everything will not go as planned. Let me repeat that. Everything will NOT go as planned when traveling. & you don’t want to be with that person who get’s upset every time things don’t go right, because they will be miserable the whole trip.
  5. Someone you enjoy talking to
    I think this is a no brainer lol, BUT I think it’s still very important to list. When traveling with someone you’ll spend A LOT of time together, and you want to be able to have those meaningful conversations. You ever see people eating at a restaurant and the whole time they’re on their phones? Yea… you don’t want that. I think traveling is a great way to get to know people on a deeper level, so go with someone you enjoy talking to! Girl chats are the best.

Is there anything else that you think makes for a good travel buddy? I’d love to hear below!




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4 thoughts on “5 Things To Look For in a Travel Buddy

  1. Love this!!!! I don’t have a travel buddy, but I’ve travelled with a small group of 4 before and all of those things were important! You learn so much about a person when you travel with them and you guys spend a lot of time you wouldn’t normally spend at home so it’s def good to enjoy them and be able to trust and rely on them! Great advice!


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