B Squared – Brunch & Bloggers

Brunch & Bloggers

Last month I attended the Level Up Sis Brunch Workshop hosted by Pretty Girl, Smarter Woman with guest speaker Melissa Chanel. The event was nothing short of AMA-ZING.

When women come together it can be so empowering and uplifting. It was special to see veteran bloggers give advice and tips to those just getting started! The theme of the event was “Level Up Sis”.

My main takeaway from this event is that the only thing holding us back from doing what we want to do is OURSELVES. Each day that passes by could be a day that we take another step closer to our dreams! We should not aim for perfection..there will never be a perfect time to start that project, business, blog, You Tube Channel, etc. Who knows how far you can get if you start TODAY.

level up sis

That’s the attitude I had when launching this blog, it wasn’t perfect but I knew if I didn’t launch it by the deadline I gave myself; it may have never happened. So, LEVEL UP SIS. We can do anything we put our minds too.

Also, I met SOOOO many local Charlotte bloggers. I hope to stay connected with these women, and build friendships.

black girl blogger brunch

black girls who blogq

At this event we discussed the importance of having like-minded people in your circle. People who actually get YOU, and your interests. Everybody may not have the same interests and that’s fine, but we should try to connect with people who like the things we like. Nothing wrong with that!

I’d recommend that we all try to network and meet others with similar interests!




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Ashlei Scott is the Creative Director of A Piece of Sunshinee. She hopes to inspire others by writing about her life experiences and everyday challenges...

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