letting go and not holding back

What You’re Feeling, Don’t Hold it In

Hey guys, I hope all is well. Don’t you know those nights when you can’t sleep, because you can’t stop THINKING?! & that will typically happen on a night when you are really tired and want to fall asleep lol. Last week I had a night like that; it was around 12 am and I was still up with this very persistent thought!

I knew that I needed to talk to someone, but didn’t know who to call at 12 am on a Tuesday night. The perfect person came to mind…my grandma. Since she’s retired she stays up all night watching her shows LOL. gotta love it!

But, nonetheless I called her and told her how I was feeling that night, and how I really needed someone to talk to. I was so glad I called her, because she made me feel better, and I was then actually able to get a good night’s rest.

Sometimes….I think we are programmed to hold stuff in and be strong/not show weakness, but I’ve learned over the years that that’s not healthy and not the best way to cope with problems. Even though it’s easy to put on the “Life’s So Great” persona, we all have daily struggles, and can use the support of others.

In addition to this…sometimes people may hurt us and not even know – until we tell them how they hurt us. I’m learning to open up more to people to let them know how I’m feeling.

This helps to strengthen and build relationships!





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