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Wine Festivals – Why I Recommend?

So, I went to the Cherry Blossom Beer & Wine Festival in Washington, DC and I had so much fun!! This was my first wine festival and I had a really great experience.

What I loved about the festival is that there were multiple bands playing, so you get to dance and hear live music…they also gave us 10 drink tickets that we could use at any of the booths. 1 ticket per wine/beer sample. I think this was pretty good considering it doesn’t take much for me to get tipsy!

By the way I had so much fun finding an outfit for the festival! Dress-Nordstrom Rack, Shoes-Aldo, Hat- Nordstrom Rack, Purse- DSW

Also some booths gave out free samples…so I think that gave us room to try a lot of options. I honestly didn’t even use all of my tickets.

There were also food trucks at the festival! YUM! I didn’t eat at the festival, but there were some pretty good food options.

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I can’t think of another platform where you can sample 10+ wine/beer options, try cool foods, dance, and hear live music for a reasonable price. We only paid $25 for admission, with a GROUPON, so I would be sure to check their site when looking for a local festival.

Happy Spring guys! I’d love to hear about your festival experiences below!



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