appreciate the moment

Something to Remember on the Bad Days….

You know those days where everything that can literally go wrong. Goes Wrong. You wake up late for work, sit in traffic, forgot to pack your lunch…and then have to give a presentation at work. UGH yea those days.

I had one of these days recently …it actually started off well. I was in a good mood, my make-up and hair looked BOMB lol. But somehow I let the negative energy of others rub off on me…or more so the lack of energy…

As the day went on, I was frustrated from trying to make positive interactions; & I was frustrated that I didn’t have more like minded people like me in the office…

By 1 o’clock I figured,  I’ll just sit in my cube and put my headphones in.

Then we have our 3 o’clock meeting, and something I said was misinterpreted. Rather than defend myself…I sat there very nonchalant. No one understands me (I tell myself).

I spent the last hours of the workday upset and overthinking everything.

Then it hit me. Out of nowhere. None of this will matter in the next 2, 5, 10 years, and probably not even in the next couple of days. It was like a lightbulb that clicked.

None of this matters. Let it go.

Whatever we are going through today is temporary, and we can not let it still our joy! The things we worried about 10 years ago, most likely don’t matter to us now…and the same is true for any current issues.

I challenge you to let the small things GO!

Can you relate to having minor issues that drain your energy? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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