learning more about myself

Continued Self- Discovery….

Hi Guys, I’m new to this blogging thing and I’m so excited to be finally starting A Piece of Sunshinee. When I tell you I have a million thoughts a day -I mean it, and I figured it was time to share some of the nerve racking things going on in my head lol…

I’ve heard the saying “your 20’s is the time to find yourself” (or your selfish years), and I decided to discover what that really means, and that has lead me to starting A Piece of Sunshinee.

I was the person that if someone asked me “what’s your favorite color, food, song, artist, hobbies…etc” my answer would be “idk”…

I sat down and realized that I didn’t know what my true interests were in life. So, now the journey of continued self- discovery begins, starting with one of my very first loves- WRITING.

At midst of all the craziness that goes on in life we have to make time for the things we enjoy, as well as remember what makes us who we are.

To do this may take some time meditating and reflecting. For me I went back to that place (in my mind) when I was a little girl growing up as an only child (sigh) lol. I would sit in my room listen to music, write songs, and could do this for hourssssss. English was always my favorite class, and I probably was the one student who loved writing papers.

Currently I’m getting back to that younger me and doing the things I enjoy most.

Comment below and share some of your favorite pastimes!




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