Breast Cancer Awareness Month – A Woman’s Guide to Staying Healthy

Hey Guys, so as we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & I think that it’s a great time to spark meaningful conversations about the disease. My job hosts different events during the work day for employees’, with guest speakers discussing topics such as diversity in the workplace, working on your personal brand, and most recently Breast Cancer Awareness. (side note ugh I’m so thankful for this job!)

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The Reason I’m Loving My Journey – Confidently Lost


Hey guys! Over the weekend I was thinking about how I wanted to write a new post, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to discuss. Even though I have a never ending list of blog titles and topics; I wanted to share feelings that I have right at this moment in time.

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My Self Care Routine – Tips to Be the Very Best You

Hey guys! So, If you read my last post you know that I will be starting a new job soon. *Monday to be exact*. I currently feel so at peace and excited for this new position, but these last couple of weeks have been pretty intense for me to say the least.

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Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Person

Did any of you watch the Bachelorette season finale?! Yes, I am a fan and a hopeless romantic LOL. I’ve watched the show these last couple of years and after each season I say I’m not going to watch it anymore haha. It really does take me on an emotional roller coaster while watching, but nonetheless I still love it!

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My Review of the 2017 Essence Festival

Random – but can I just say I’m so happy to be in the skin I’m in! I haven’t always felt like that though, but it is nice to love the person I am today.  The Essence Festival was filled with so many beautiful black people and all I could think was man I love our culture and our people!

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5 Things To Look For in a Travel Buddy

Travel buddies

Hey Guys! I recently went to New Orleans for the Essence Festival, and was thinking how grateful I am to have friends that I can travel with! My friend and I had a blast and I think it has a lot do with us being compatible travel buddies…

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Growing Your Nails Long & Strong – My Nail Care Routine

Hi Guys! So lately I’ve been so amazed by how long and strong my nails are growing, and I thought I’d share my nail care routine. I LOVE a gel manicure and acrylic full set, but I’ve been trying to cut back on spending money on these services, and I’m also trying to maintain healthy nails.

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B Squared – Brunch & Bloggers

Brunch & Bloggers

Last month I attended the Level Up Sis Brunch Workshop hosted by Pretty Girl, Smarter Woman with guest speaker Melissa Chanel. The event was nothing short of AMA-ZING. When women come together it can be so empowering…

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A Weekend in My New City!

bike riding in a new city

Being in a new city/state is so exciting! I’ve met so many great people since my time in North Carolina, and I can truly say that I’ve grown tremendously as a person. One thing about moving to a new state is…

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